Tina Fey hypes ‘Mean Girls: The Musical’ at #SAGAwards


@allisonluuu Giuliana Rancic just interviewed Tina Fey and she said her and her husband are working on a Mean Girls musical

— Chelsea Wenner (@CH3LSEAmarie) January 28, 2013

On the SAG Awards red carpet tonight, left-wing actress/comedy writer Tina Fey mentioned that she’s working on a musical version of her hit movie, “Mean Girls.” She’s mentioned plans for such a production for at least five years now, but she set Twitter a-twitter, anyway:

Mean Girls the musical?!?!? Yes Tina Fey Yes!!!!

— Burke Spivey (@BurkeSpivey) January 28, 2013

i cant believe Tina Fey is producing a Mean Girls musical <3

— Olivia (@LivvyA418) January 28, 2013

i didn’t know i wanted mean girls the musical till tina fey said she was developing it. omg.

— Jessica (@jessicaod) January 28, 2013

Wow, Fey just said they’re trying to get Mean Girls the musical off the ground. They’re trying to make Fetch happen! #sagawards

— Sasha Stone (@AwardsDaily) January 28, 2013

Tina Fey is developing a Mean Girls musical, I think my life is complete🎤🎬

— Britney Cosgrove (@bdazzle13) January 28, 2013

Tina fey talking about a Mean Girls musical in the works seriously just made my week

— Lynsey Creech (@lynseycreech) January 28, 2013

This would be too perfect! Let the dream casts begin! RT @ghawe Tine Fey said she’s trying to make Mean Girls the musical happen! #sold

— Anthony D’Alfonso Jr (@AnthnyDJr) January 28, 2013

Perhaps Fey can team up with her fellow left-wing Mean Girl Julianne Moore for a Palin-bashing extravaganza set to music. Guaranteed Tony Awards sweep!


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