Tom Hanks Is Just A Regular Guy Who Takes Up Too Much Room On The NYC Subway

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But we forgive you Tom, because you are an adorable national treasure.

On Thursday, living national treasure Tom Hanks acted like a normal un-famous human person, and took a ride on the New York City subway.

Rumor has it he hopped on the 1 train, which he may have confused for the polar express.

He joined the ranks of some of Hollywood’s best, also known for slumming it on the New York underground.

The great Christine Baranski. Twitter: @TimFederle

Even Beyoncé’s husband rides the train!

Hanks is probably not a frequent rider, however, because it doesn’t seem like he’s down with the MTA’s new rules about “manspreading,” aka, when a dude takes up way too much room on the train.

It’s cool Tom Hanks rides the subway like the rest of us! It seems he’s not down with the new #manspreading rules!

— DJMikeAllan (@Mike Allan)

Come on man, that’s two whole seats.

Although it does appear there are empty seats in the subway car. It’s not totally clear how crowded it was based on the pictures that went around Twitter.

But luckily the blog Saving Room For Cats fixed the photo.

He wasn’t manspreading on purpose, he was just saving room for a cute cat… Or maybe it’s for Wilson, his Cast Away co-star/BFF.

Keep doin’ you, Tom!

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