Useful Tricks That Will Help You Survive During An Apocalypse

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Whether or not you believe that the zombie apocalypse is coming, it can’t hurt to be prepared…

But we’re not talking about stocking up on canned goods or building an underground shelter, no, we’re speaking in far more realistic terms.

When something goes wrong, it’s good to know some survival tricks — from how to purify water to making a super-powerful light. Here are seven tips to get you started.

1. Make a water purifier.

Get a marble or a pebble, a big bowl, a coffee mug, and some shrink wrap. Put the mug in the middle of the bowl, and pour water into the bowl without spilling any into the mug. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and place the pebble on the film in the middle. Put it in the sun and let condensation do the work.

2. Make a lamp.

Get a milk jug, a flashlight, and duct tape. Tape the light to the jug and you’re good to go.

3. Build a refrigerator — that doesn’t need electricity.

Grab some sand, two pots (big and small), and a washcloth. Put the smaller pot inside the bigger one, fill the space between with wet sand, and cover with a washcloth. Finally, put the food inside the smaller pot.

4. Make a heater out of toilet paper.

Get a coffee can, a toilet paper roll, and some rubbing alcohol. Maneuver the toilet paper roll to get the cardboard out without unrolling it. Then collapse the paper so there’s no space in the center. Put the roll in the coffee can, soak with rubbing alcohol, and light it on fire.

5. Create a candle with shortening.

Melt some vegetable shortening into a container, put a string in the liquid, and once it hardens, light the string.

6. Make a mint tin stovetop.

Find an empty mint tin, some Miracle-Gro, and an aluminum screen. Fill the tin with fertilizer, cover with your aluminum, light the soil, and let it burn.

7. Convert AAA batteries into AAs.

If you only have AAA batteries but need AAs, ball up some aluminum foil and put it in the empty space where the battery’s negative terminal connects.

(via Izismile)

We can’t help you in the killing zombies department, but at least until you come face-to-face with them, you’ll be set!

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