Watch This Girl Turn Broken Antiques Into New Treasures. She’s Like Dr. Frankenstein.

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Eluned Glyn is a woman on a mission. She hates the idea of beautiful antiques ending up in a charity store, broken to pieces. Just because they got destroyed, doesn’t mean that they can’t be rescued. Eluned knew that with a little love, she could create something even more beautiful and unique than the original. Check it out!

Eluned first starts by finding interesting broken pieces from ceramics that will fit together nicely.

Then she takes out a pad of paper and attempts to move the pieces into their original shape.

Her design in hand, she then reconstructs the pieces into a block of clay. Giving the pieces their original form as best as possible.

Next, Eluned uses the new item to make a plaster mold.

The glassware is then cast with earthenware slip and fired three times in the kiln to complete the body of work.

By repeating the process, entire unique sets are created.

With each piece telling its own personal story.

“By using recycled pieces, my work echoes old China from my grandmother’s dresser that comes to life again in the reconstruction process.”

(Eluned Glyn via boredpanda) If you found Eluned’s work intriguing and wish to see more, please consider attending one of her exhibits:

*Cornwall Design Fair in Penzance – August 15th – 17th. *Ceramic in the City, Geffrye Museum – September 18th – 21st. *Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair, Manchester – October 31st – 2nd of November. *Made by Hand, Cardiff – October 9th – 12th.

But if you can’t make it, do her a favor and share her incredible work with others using the button below.

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