We All Saw Jamie Foxx Save A Life, But Did You See What Happened Seconds Later?

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There are a few things that we all know about Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx. He’s talented, he’s easy on the eyes, and he’s hilarious. But as many of us found out the other day when he pulled a man from a burning vehicle, he’s also heroic.

While hanging out at home one day, Foxx heard a loud crash outside. When he looked out the window, he saw that a vehicle had flipped over out front. Quick on his feet, the actor ran over to the car, horrified to discover that a young man — 32-year-old Brett Kyle — was trapped inside. Without hesitating, he did the unthinkable and saved the man’s life.

In the video below, the victim’s father tearfully expresses his gratitude to Foxx, who is just grateful that he was able to lend a helping hand.

While most of us have already seen the interview above, the following footage reveals the horrible fate that Kyle would’ve endured if Foxx hadn’t come to the rescue. Seconds after Kyle was pulled from the car, the entire vehicle burst into flames.

(via ABC News)

As far as being called a hero, Jamie Foxx believes that he just did what was right. It’s clear that Brett Kyle’s father, however, tends to disagree. “He didn’t have to do a thing,” he explained to reporters. “I think we all hope that we could do something when the time is there, but the questions is, ‘Do we? Do we act, or do we fear for our own lives?’ And he did not. He acted.” We’re going to have to agree with Mr. Kyle’s assessment, Foxx. You’re a hero of the best kind.

As for Brett Kyle, he sustained major injuries to his head and chest, but is recovering in the hospital. He is expected to be hospital-bound for the next few months.

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