What These People Did For Animals In Need Is Extraordinary.

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You never know how you’re going to react in a situation until it actually happens. When certain people were called into action, they channelled their inner heroes and saved the day. It takes a selfless person to put their life on the line to save that of their fellow man and that’s all the more true when they do it for a helpless animal.

Animals can’t even say thank you, let alone buy their savior some frozen yogurt as a token of their gratitude. Thank yous and frozen yogurt be damned, these people were willing to go to any length to rescue these animals. Take a look!  

1.) Volunteer gives a koala a drink of water after a forest fire.

2.) Man holds kangaroo he saved from dangerous flood waters.

3.) Two boys work together to save a puppy.

4.) American Marines give a baby goat some water during World War II.

5.) Firefighter gives cat oxygen from his own mask.

6.) Dog is pulled to safety from a treacherous river.

7.) An injured baby monkey rests in its caretaker’s lap.

8.) People about to free a horse that’s stuck in a slurry pit.


9.) Woman takes care of the stray animals in her neighborhood.

10.) Rescue Ink is a biker gang that works with local SPCAs and The Humane Society to break up dog fighting rings and put an end to other forms of animal cruelty.

11.) Panda researchers in China dress as older pandas to make the younger ones feel more at ease in their environment.

12.) Biologist Adam Warwick ran into the water to save a 400-lb black bear from drowning after an attempt to sedate the animal went wrong.

13.) Raden Soemawinata coming out of the frigid water he jumped into to save Bibi the dog, who was blown off the pier by high winds.

14.) A resident of Cuttack City, India rescues kittens from a flood.

15.) San Diego Humane Society’s Animal Rescue Reserve works to free a cow from a cement ditch.

16.) A horse is led from high flood water.


17.) Rescuer nurses a baby dolphin.

18.) A police officer escorts a family of ducks to safety.

19.) Volunteers work together to clean an oil-covered pelican.

20.) SeaWorld’s rescue team measures a manatee before returning it to the wild.

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Such bravery! They may not have gotten any frozen yogurt out of their rescues, but knowing that you did the right thing in a moment where many people might not have has to taste almost as sweet. Almost.

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