What They Found In This Bird’s X-Ray Will Make You Wonder How He Survived

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Many species of birds rely on their surroundings, be it branches or pieces of trash, to build their nests.

There they sleep, raise their babies, and enjoy tasty meals. But when this young jackdaw swallowed something either out of hunger or because he wanted to bring it back to his family at the nest, he bit off way more than he could chew.

In fact, we can’t imagine there was much chewing at all…

Recently, this young jackdaw was brought in to the Stapeley Grange Wildlife Centre.

When technicians did an X-ray, they found what was ailing the poor guy…he’d swallowed a pair of tweezers.

Vets were worried that the young fellow wouldn’t make it due to the positioning of the metal tongs in his body.

But after an hour-long procedure, the doctors were very pleased that he came out largely unfazed.

The wildlife vet who took care of the cutie said, “He seems right as rain and has been eating well ever since. He obviously has quite the tweezer fetish, though, so we have to be extra careful when feeding him!”

Thank goodness for the amazing folks over at the Stapeley Grange RSPCA. They say he still has a long road of recovery ahead but they hope to release him back into the wild!

If you’d like to make more amazing rescues like this one possible, here’s how to help.

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