What This Guy Made With A Piece Of Sheet Metal Is Absolutely Beautiful

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For Reddit user sumptimwong‘s fourth wedding anniversary, he decided to go a more unique route than just buying his wife a bouquet of flowers. A mechanical engineer by day, he wanted to use his crafty skills to make a rose…but not just any rose — one that would never wilt.

Using simple tools and materials, he got to work on what is sure to be one of the most impressive flowers you’ll ever see…

He started out with a thin piece of brass sheet metal.

He used 26AWG, which is thin enough to mold and cut by hand.

After he traced the first set of petals, sumptimwong used some aviator snips to cut the design out.

As he cut out the second, third, fourth, and fifth layers, he increased the number of petals.

A file helped to smooth out the rougher edges after he was done with the clippers.

A hammer and chisel were used to add some texture to the petals.

Here’s the final layer of petals.

Sumptimwong wanted to make the leaves a different color, so he used some steel scraps that he had.

Time to assemble! He punched a quarter-inch hole through the center of all of the petals and then threaded them on a piece of copper tubing.

A pair of pliers were used to crimp both ends of the tube to keep the petals in place.

Then he gently folded the petals up with pliers.

He made sure to bend them in natural ways so as to make it look super realistic.

And there you have it!

He mounted his rose that would never wilt on a redwood base.

Naturally, his wife loved it.

And who wouldn’t? What have you made for your spouse on an anniversary? Share it with us in the comments!

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