What This Man Filmed Outside Of A Hospital May Shock You. Everyone’s Talking About This Footage.

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When Troy Dickerson’s pregnant wife, Kristin, went unexpectedly into labor in the middle of the night, the couple began to head to the hospital as fast as they could. Little did they know how their night would turn out. As Troy had done with the birth of their two other children, he decided to film the entire thing with his GoPro camera attached to the top of his head. Just as they pulled up outside of the Texas Children’s Hospital at around 2AM, the baby decided it was time to enter the world. Not being able to get in the wheelchair, Kristin began giving birth right there outside the hospital’s entrance.

That baby sure was in a hurry to get out of mama and into the world. I guess the moral of this story is; if she says she’s in labor, she’s probably in labor. (Source: Troy Dickerson) Share this incredible footage with your friends below. They are guaranteed to never have seen anything like it.

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