When His Dad Collapsed, This Little Boy Saved His Life By Feeding Him Yogurt

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If my mom had a serious medical condition, I highly doubt that I would have been able to save her life as a little girl.

Most people wouldn’t expect young children to know how to react to their parents falling seriously ill, but that definitely didn’t stop one little boy from bringing his dad out of a diabetic coma.

When three-year-old Lenny-George from Droylsden, England, saw that his dad, Mark Jones, lost consciousness, he quickly sprang into action. Though nobody explained to him that his dad, a type one diabetic, needs food if his blood sugar becomes too low, he somehow knew exactly what to do.

When Mark’s wife, Emma, left the house to visit her mother, his blood glucose levels dropped dangerously low and he became hypoglycemic. He collapsed on the kitchen floor.

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Things could have ended very badly for him, but luckily, Lenny-George ran to the refrigerator. He climbed onto a chair, pulled open the door, and quickly grabbed two yogurt containers.

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