When This Cat Sees Another “Cat,” She Totally Loses Her Cool

Not everyone is cut out for having a roommate. When this cat was introduced to her new roomie, for example, she totally flipped out. Clearly, her house isn’t big enough for the two of them!

David Dominguez recently uploaded this video of his cat howling like a baby and taking angry swipes at another cat on YouTube. The catch? The other cat was porcelain.

As soon as his kitty sees the strange intruder, her ears flatten, she unleashes her claws, and she makes a god-awful noise. David says she’s fine now, so we assume the decoration was tucked away in a drawer or hidden in a closet. This just goes to show that pet owners can never have nice things.

Either this cat is afraid of being replaced or she really hates porcelain!

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So much for decorating the house! That’s one cat I definitely wouldn’t mess with. Be sure to share her antics with your cat-loving friends and family.

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