When This Cop Busted A Thief, No One Thought She Would Do This. Especially The Thief.

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A woman in Florida was caught stealing, red-handed. The arresting officer decided to do something unique to teach her a lesson… by letting her go and giving her money. This thief was unique. She wasn’t stealing for herself, she was simply trying to keep her kids alive.

When Miami-Dade County Officer Vicki Thomas saw the desperate mother cross that line to feed her family, she decided not to arrest her. Instead, she helped her.

After getting caught red-handed, Jessica Robles admitted that she was attempting to steal food so that her family could eat.

Vicki decided to only give her a minor citation. Then, she proceeded to buy her $100 in groceries to take home to her children.

‘[It’s] not fun,’ she said tearfully, ‘to see my brother in the dirt hungry, asking for food, and we have to tell him, “There is nothing here.”‘

Because of the media attention, Jessica has been receiving job offers. The police officer’s initial act of kindness turned into something much bigger.

Not only that, but kind-hearted members of the community helped raise $700 for her to spend at the store. They joined her as she went on a shopping trip to stock up on food for her children.

Following the law is important, but so is following your heart.


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