When You See This Bear Cub And Fawn’s First Meeting, You’ll Start Squealing

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For me, the best part of having different pets is watching all of their cute interactions.

I completely melt when my cat walks up to my dog and begins rubbing her face against his. Of course, he’s usually a little afraid because, well, cats can be scary sometimes. But it just goes to show that when we’re told there are certain species that will never get along, it’s not always true.

Just take Boog the bear cub and his new friend, for example. When Joel Rosenthal found an orphaned fawn and brought it to Point of View Farm in Hillsboro, West Virginia, he decided to introduce it to another one of his rescued residents. The resulting video is one of the cutest things you’ll ever see.

At first, Boog wasn’t too sure.

But after a few minutes, everything was peachy.

How adorable was that? If you’d like to learn more about Rosenthal and the other furry critters he cares for, you can find more information on his Facebook page.

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