Why is Ray Lewis on TV commenting on protecting the NFL’s reputation?

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You may remember that the former Ravens star linebacker Ray Lewis also has some unsavory stuff on his record: How Ray Lewis Got Away With Murder

People were wondering why ESPN would have Lewis on to talk about NFL players in trouble with the law.

Could someone please tell me why Ray Lewis is on an ESPN panel talking about protecting the reputation of the NFL? #areyoukiddingme?

— Greg Floyd (@CBS6Greg) September 14, 2014

.@CBS6Greg @anthonyweiner retweeted by Anthony Weiner lol

— Peter MacKay's Bulge (@MacKaysBulge) September 15, 2014

It’s a veritable scandal-palooza. Has Eric Massa weighed in yet?

@CBS6Greg @anthonyweiner Breaking: Irony meters hit 11!

— Jim Eaton (@libboomer) September 15, 2014

Wow -> Ray Lewis says 'what Ray Rice did was inexcusable' #wheretobegin #headdesk http://t.co/WKIMkjv3Qx

— GregoryKline (@GregoryKline) September 14, 2014

@CBS6Greg @KLSouth Because Ryan Leaf and OJ Simpson are in jail?

— Randy Hedrick (@HeddRoxx) September 15, 2014

Ray Rice knocks girl out, suspended indefinitely. Ray Lewis kills 2 people nobody cares. pic.twitter.com/4f2yqlFDHH

— SnausAlmostTos (@b_cunningham22) September 14, 2014

@espn disgusting 2 c ray lewis commentg on ray rice-In my opinion he has no business being on TV-2 bad no video of that nite-won't b watchg

— RonnieJean (@RonnieJean3) September 14, 2014

Ray Rice is getting advice from Chris Brown and Ray Lewis. I think that is a punchline in itself.

— Matt (@MShadows17) September 14, 2014

"@wusa9: Ray Lewis' strong words for former protege #RayRice " —> What were they? "Next time, stab her."?

— Mindy (@SubliminalMess) September 14, 2014



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