You Think You Know Animals… Til You See Them Under An X-Ray. The Penguin Shocked Me.

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If you own a pet, you’re probably very comfortable with them. Your dog, cat, rabbit or snake is most likely named something like “Fluffy” or “Captain Hammer.” You’re comfortable with Captain Hammer, in fact, you could pick him out of a lineup. But what if I told you that perhaps you don’t know your beloved pet as well as you think you do? Just check out these pictures. You may think twice about letting your furry best friend sleep next to you in bed tonight.

1.) No, that’s not an alien. It’s a cat.

2.) Today I learned that moles are terrifying.

3.) I feel even worse about that time I ran over a frog.

4.) Okay, bats are still pretty nightmarish.

5.) A chameleon’s bones apparently aren’t good camouflage.

6.) Did you know a duck’s beak was THIS big?

7.) You thought rays were simple? Think again.

8.) Please, never mess with a sword fish.

9.) Our monkey cousins really do look like our cousins.

10.) I’ll never complain about accidentally eating a fish bone again. There are SO many.

11.) Chickens’ legs are incredibly deceptive.

12.) A pufferfish really is as spiky as it seems. Ouch.

13.) Is this a tiny, adorable seahorse… or a dragon?

14.) Lizards: One Giant Spine.

15.) I’ll never look at wiener dogs the same way again.

16.) Birds of prey aren’t messing around when they dive. Woah.

17.) Penguins. Have. Knees.

Mind = blown.

(H/T BuzzFeed) Your little puppy or kitten isn’t as warm and fuzzy as you thought (on the inside anyway). It’s strange to think about all of the things that are hiding in plain sight around us. Just imagine if you were lovingly gazing at your spouse… and suddenly saw their skeleton instead? Whew, I don’t even want to think about it. Share these cool photos with others by clicking the button below!

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