You’ll Love What This Guy Created Using Just A Few Sheets Of Lumber

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Since turning 21, I’ve learned that’s there’s no such thing as enough wine storage.

If you’re a bit of a wino like myself, then you know how important it can be to house the cream of the crop in a wine cellar or something of the sort. However, if you’re also like me, you don’t have thousands of dollars just lying around to build an awesome and modern cellar.

Well, thanks to Reddit user Sultanofsawdust, you can build your own epic storage space without having to break the bank. All you really need is some spare lumber.

Sultanofsawdust decided that his drab wine cellar could use a bit of an update.

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Using lumber purchased from a home improvement store, he created a series of vertical posts and horizontal dividers. Simple enough.

He created a jig to ensure that every notch cut into the dividers would fall at the same place.

Assembling his wine towers required the use of wood glue and a nail gun.

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In no time at all, his wall of posts and dividers was in place.

Using the old case sides from crates of Bordeaux, he created this awesome header.

He attached the header to the wine racks and began restocking “the goods.”

He even added a cork drop to serve as a visual reminder of the number of bottles he’s gone through.

And there you have it…a DIY wine cellar perfect for even the most recreational wine enthusiast!

Forget all my mother’s antiques, I’m clearing room in my basement for this bad boy!

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