NBC’s Sunday night football sermon: Tony Dungy runs interference for Costas

http://twitter.com/#!/dougwmize/status/277970669310992385 As Twitchy reported yesterday, the tragic drunk driving death of Dallas Cowboys player Jerry Brown had many viewers wondering whether anti-gun zealot Bob Costas would call for prohibition. Well, Costas brought on social conservative football coach Tony Dungy to deliver social commentary for him. Viewers (mostly) approved: Bob Costas needed Tony Dungy to bail […]


Community Post: Which Vintage ’90s Cereal Are You?

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Are you classically sweet or boringly bland? Martien Uiterweerd / Via Flickr: [email protected] Charly / Via Flickr: terapixel Yidian Cheow / Via Flickr: iwanttobeanomad A.G. Photographe / Via Flickr: anto13 Cuba Gallery / Via Flickr: cubagallery carlesmira / Via Flickr: [email protected] dennis borcky / Via Flickr: [email protected] Beckie-Ann Galentine / Via Flickr: [email protected] Keegan Berry […]


Watching This Little Girl Take A Water Hose To The Face Is Too Funny

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Kids are inherently curious. Sometimes that curiosity leads to discoveries…but whether or not they’re enjoyable ones depends entirely on the situation. Take this little girl… While out helping water in the garden, the little lady probably thought that it’d be a good idea to get a fresh drink from the hose. But as most adults […]


White House swoons over Nicholas Kristof pro-Obamacare propaganda

http://twitter.com/#!/NickKristof/status/396731365510496258 New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof once showed signs of intelligent life when in the wake of this New England Journal of Medicine article, he warned his fellow liberals not to oversell the benefits of health insurance: http://twitter.com/#!/NickKristof/status/331073992523927552 Well, you can forget all about that now, as today’s column pretty much argues that health insurance […]


Female Wrestler Criticizes WWE Executive Over Unfair Pay

WWE Diva A.J. Lee has lashed out at WWE executive Stephanie McMahon on Twitter over the unfair pay and screen time given to female wrestlers. 1. This is A.J. Lee. She’s a WWE Diva, the name given to female wrestlers in WWE. View this image › Facebook: 150788578283969 She’s a three-time WWE Divas Champion and […]


Worth the read: Weekly Standard writer Jay Cost outlines the ‘Deep State vs. Trump’

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Read @JayCostTWS's thread on The Deep State vs. Trump https://t.co/c2qearLSXX — Ryan Fazio (@ryanfazio) March 5, 2017 Weekly Standard senior writer Jay Cost put together a very intriguing thread on the Deep State and Trump on Sunday afternoon. thread –> https://t.co/Csura4dKq6 — Jake Tapper (@jaketapper) March 5, 2017 Here it is. It's been pretty clear […]