Family Viewing Rocket Launch is Surprised By a Shockwave After the Explosion.

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When viewing the launch of the unmanned Antares rocket, this family was shocked by the explosion. Not only that, but wait for the delayed shockwave they experience seconds later: OO.ready(function() { OO.Player.create(‘ooyalaplayer’, ‘lod2dlcTo30S6nXbnXfiNrL8BPRsfFXj’, {‘autoplay’:true}); }); Please enable Javascript to watch this video Source: Luckily, no one was on board the rocket headed for the International […]


These Are The Most Popular Panties In Your State

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America strips down to its skivvies. View this image › Justine Zwiebel / BuzzFeed 2. Ever wonder what the most popular undies are in your home state? View this image › Justine Zwiebel / BuzzFeed • Pennsyvlania: White cotton loungewear• New York: Black nylon bras• Vermont: Red lace boudoir bodysuits• Delaware: Green silk lounge tops• […]


R. K. Raghavan reviews Governing the Police: Experience in Six Democracies

No Minister of the Crown can tell him (Metropolitan Commissioner of Police) that he must or must not… prosecute this man or that one… The responsibility for law enforcement lies on him. He is answerab Read more:


‘Call the language police!’ ICE press release uses horrible slur

, , , ,!/MarkSKrikorian/status/493919784359043073 Geraldo calls the term “illegal alien” a cheap shot. Sally Kohn says it is a slur. So does this guy. The term is verboten at many newspapers, including the Los Angeles Times, which prefers to say “immigrants who either entered the country illegally or overstayed their visas.” ICE, by contrast, refers to illegal aliens as, well, “illegal aliens.”!/MarkSKrikorian/status/493919950671986688 A sampling: Appalling! […]