These People Bury Their Dead Children In Trees And It’s Both Beautiful And Creepy

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In the remote village of Tana Toraja in Indonesia, locals have a bizarre ritual for dead babies. Instead of burning or burying the bodies, they wrap them in cloth and seal them inside trees so they can be “absorbed” by nature. The Toraja people have long been known for their unique death rituals. Deceased adults […]


This Visitor At A Haunted House Got What He Bargained For With A Spooky Picture

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In Spring City, Pennsylvania, lies the notorious Pennhurst State School (also known as the Pennhurst Asylum), which is a mental hospital with a history that’s marred by controversy. In the 1960s, a local news station did a five-part report on the inhumane conditions to which Pennhurst physicians and nurses subjected patients. In 1983, nine employees […]


Large earthquake rocks New Zealand, no major damage reported!/NewZealand1D/status/220124129020477441 A large earthquake rocked the lower North Island of New Zealand at 10:36 p.m. Tuesday. Reports show that the epicenter of the quake was nearly 150 miles below the surface, which has helped reduce damage. #eqnz RT @breakingnews: Update: No reports of damage so far in New Zealand quake – AAP — Caz […]