21 Cats Who Want You To Take Your Stupid Stereotypes And Shove ‘Em

There’s nothing that annoys me as much as dumb stereotypes. Anyone who says girls are bad at science or boys shouldn’t play with dolls can take a hike, in my opinion. As it turns out, these 21 cats feel the same way!

Regardless of your race, gender, or religion, there is probably a stereotype out there that supposedly “defines” you. The same is true for our animal friends — and these cats want you to take those ungrounded ideas and shove ’em. Whether they’re snuggling up to their dog best friend or proving that not all cats hate baths, these 21 felines are breaking stereotypes in the most adorable ways possible.

1. Who says that dogs and cats can’t be the very best of friends?

2. Or that all cats have to hunt birds?

3. In fact, all this cat wants is to be a bird!

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