22 Reasons Why You Should Never Visit New Jersey

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Never come here.

1. If you think you should go to New Jersey, don’t. It’s an awful place.

Flickr: nicholas_t / Creative Commons

Walpack Valley, Sussex County

2. Literally, it is the grossest place you will ever visit.

Anthony Fine / Creative Commons

Great Falls, Paterson

3. It’s just embarrassing how ugly this state is.

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Essex County

4. Like, WTF is this crap?

Flickr: nicholas_t / Creative Commons

Stokes State Forest

5. What a freaking nightmare.

Flickr: joiseyshowaa / Creative Commons


6. The winters are disgusting and make you an angry, vengeful person.

Flickr: flickr4jazz / Creative Commons

Monmouth County

7. Every place looks like the boardwalk from Jersey Shore.

Flickr: nicholas_t / Creative Commons

Farmstead, Musconetcong Valley, Warren County

8. Like, where’s the history?

Flickr: nicholas_t / Creative Commons

Sussex County

9. There is no history because New Jersey sucks.

Christopher Bradshaw / Via Getty Images/Hemera

Red Mill Museum, Clinton

10. And don’t get me started on the beaches. They’re absolutely…

Flickr: nosha / Creative Commons

Ocean Grove

11. Positively…

Flickr: pmillera4 / Creative Commons

Ocean City

12. Vile.

Flickr: nickharris1 / Creative Commons

Spring Lake

13. The architecture is totally — what’s the word I’m looking for? Grotesque.

Flickr: linkahwai / Creative Commons

St. Paul Church, Princeton

14. Get out of my sight.

Flickr: danielmennerich / Creative Commons

Central Railroad of New Jersey, Jersey City

15. New Jersey is the place where beauty goes to die.

Flickr: surfergirl30 / Creative Commons

North Haledon

16. Seriously, nothing gorgeous ever comes out of Jersey.

Flickr: robgross / Creative Commons


17. We can’t even get sunsets right.

Eduard Moldoveanu Photography / Via Getty Images/iStockphoto

Barnegat Lighthouse

18. If only we lived in New York. Then maybe, just maybe we could have a city too.

Getty Images Medioimages/Photodisc

New Jersey as seen from the Empire State Building

19. Because this just isn’t going to cut it.

Flickr: tonythemisfit / Creative Commons

Branch Brook Park, Newark

20. Yeah, nope.

Flickr: hopefoote / Creative Commons

21. So why would anyone be interested in coming to New Jersey?

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22. Just fuhgeddaboudit.

Flickr: nicholas_t / Creative Commons

Johnsonburg Swamp Preserve

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