25 Sweaty Memories Every Soccer Girl Will Never Forget

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“Yes, I do run like a girl.”

1. Being proud of that strange yet cool soccer tan when it was time to wear a bikini.

2. Getting your knees and ankles wrapped in fluorescent tape.

This pink tape means I’m a total badass…or rapidly aging…

3. Having to bail on Girl’s Night Out because you had to get up for two-a-days.

4. Showing off your insanely toned legs, but wondering where all your upper body strength went.

Who wears short shorts?

5. And then trying to fit skinny jeans over your massive thighs.

6. Discovering the pre-wrap headband hack.


7. Watching everyone cheer way louder for the boys’ soccer team like:


So, like…we can play too.

8. Feeling like absolute death during conditioning, while all your other friends got to sleep in.


Brb, lying in my bed until I can feel my legs again.

9. And then exchanging bubble baths for ice baths.

10. Hoping and praying your ponytail won’t be used as a weapon against you.

ESPN / Via youtube.com

Don’t even think about it.

11. Relating to Viola in She’s the Man.


All you needed was Channing Tatum to fall in love with you.

12. Getting hit in the vagina with a soccer ball for the first time.

What a wonderful world we live in.

13. Ordering almost the whole menu when you went out with the girls.


It’s that soccer metabolism I guess.

14. Getting insane bruises and soccer ball marks all over your legs.

Nothing like a good soccer ball branding.

15. Thinking Mia Hamm was the baddest bitch around.

“My coach said I ran like a girl. I said if he could run a little faster, he could too.” BOSS.

16. Feeling super badass when you played a game in the rain.

Yeah, nbd, I just came from an insane game.

17. Feeling like your chest was being crushed after putting on a super supportive sports bra.

How else can I sprint back and forth without my boobs flopping EVERYWHERE.

18. Trying to be a lady at the end of games, but secretly hating every member of the opposing team.

Why would you EVEN THINK I would want to congratulate you on winning?

19. Getting your first card after protecting your girls.

Did she deserve it? Maybe.

20. Being more excited about shiny new cleats than cute new heels.

So many colors, so little time.

21. Seeing this when you wore shorts after the one time you forgot your shin guards:


22. Getting practically a new hairdo every time the ball hit your head.

It’s not like I JUST put my hair up.

23. Bailing on homecoming dates to be with your true love at practice.

It’s a complicated relationship.

24. Huddling up together and looking down at everyone’s cleats before the game.

There’s nothing better.

25. And finally, knowing you’ll never have a group of girlfriends like you had with your soccer team.

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