31 Incredibly Creative Ways To Display All Your Stuff

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If you’ve got it, flaunt it.

1. Stop stepping on your ladder and use it as a scarf storage device instead.

For more info, head on over to Almost Stylish.

2. Have a bottle of nail polish for every color in the rainbow? Organize them on a magnetic display board.

Find out how here.

3. Why buy wallpaper when you can just use your photo collection?

This tutorial at A Beautiful Mess uses Instax photos, but (with a little work) you could figure out how to transform any sized snapshot into wallpaper.

4. Some shopping bags are just too beautiful to throw away: frame them.

The perfect wall decor for a shopaholic.

5. You *could* put your empty bottles in the recycling bin… but you should probably turn them into an insanely awesome wall for your patio instead.

Learn how to build one of your own here (first step: start drinking).

6. This photographer used frames (upon frames) to display his vintage camera collection.

For more information on how he mounted them, click here.

7. It’s impossible to resist the charms of vintage suitcases, but what do you use them all for? Storage.

While they’re not incredibly practical when it comes to *actual* travel (many are much heavier than modern suitcases, plus: no wheels), you can use them to store things at home. Take the drawers out of an old dresser and replace them with the suitcases you’ve accrued through many trips to Goodwill.

8. While globes are glorious, they’re not particularly useful–keep them somewhere high.

You’ll still be able to see them, but they won’t be taking up valuable, easily-reachable counter or shelf space (where you want to keep things you actually need frequently).

9. The possibilities are endless when it comes to putting together a plate wall, but this asymmetrical, door-framing arrangement is especially cool.

Here’s a tutorial to help you with the mounting process.

10. Sorting a button collection by color is aesthetically pleasing (as well as a time saver).

They look so pretty sitting in their jars, *plus* it makes it easier to find what you need: you won’t have to sift through a gargantuan pile wondering, “Now is this navy, or black?”

11. All shelves are not created equal when it comes to displaying your shoes: you’ll want a variety of different height options.

It’s a waste of space to put flats on a shelf that could fit boots.

12. Don’t pack your children’s car collection away when they outgrow playing with them: turn the cars into art!

Get a frame and some glue and you’re good to go.

13. Quilters rejoice! Here’s a solution for organizing the fabric chaos in your sewing room.

Pottery Barn’s cubby organizer is ideal for storing fat quarters. More info at the Vintage Modern Quilts blog.

14. This vanity table displays your make-up collection while keeping it organized.

No need to dig through an army of toiletry bags: just look under the glass and grab whatever you need—everything’s visible.

Find out how to make your own here.

15. Want to make your vintage tin collection a little bit more useful? Turn a few of them into a desk organizer.

Learn how here.

16. LEGO toys can be expensive: don’t let them languish in a box–display them!

Artamir / Creative Commons – Flickr: huguesndelafleche

Each figure stands atop his or her own brick (so you can remove them for use whenever you wish).

17. Turn a tea towel or handkerchief collection into curtains.

If you have a collection of your own… get out your sewing machine!

If you like the look (but lack the collection)… check out this shop.

18. Can’t bear to part with your child’s old toys? Keep them out of the way (and on display) in a shadow box.

Figures are cute! It’s only natural to be sentimentally attached to them. You’re not a hoarder.

More info here.

19. This display will treat your jewelry collection like the work of art it is.

Buy one here… or attempt to make your own: an old letterpress shelf would work wonderfully (just add hooks).

20. These vintage photos are (fittingly) arranged atop a piece of vintage barn roofing.

If you happen to have some barn roofing of your own, find out how to to seal it here.

If you don’t have an endless supply of vintage roofing in your life (our condolences), you could age up some newly purchased metal: learn how here.

21. Here’s a sophisticated way to display a toy collection.

The choice to arrange them by color is a nice touch.

22. Portraits, paint by number paintings… whatever art you collect, clump it all together on one themed wall.

Flickr: sweetjessie / Creative Commons

This corner of your living room is now an art gallery! Congratulations? Congratulations.

For some helpful artwork hanging tips, click here.

23. Here’s an easy way to display your rock collection using a pegboard and some wire.

Get the instructions at Lay Baby Lay.

24. Beach sand = the cheapest souvenir EVER (and it’s also an incredibly interesting decor choice).

Buy a bunch of cute bottles in bulk and label them with the place you collected the sand (along with the date).

25. This is an inventive way to display a collection. It works for vintage wooden spoons, but you could also do something similar with drum sticks, rulers or…

26. ….whatever it is you have in large supply.

Like keys, for instance.

27. Skateboards on the floor are a legitimate safety hazard: shelf them (it’s safer, plus it shows off the deck artwork).

You can buy a shelf of your own here.

28. Drink a lot of beer? Save the bottle caps until you have enough to cover a table.

This table was made by Lauren Rogers – you can see another close-up photo of it on her Instagram account.

Covering the caps with resin will make a nice smooth surface that you won’t need to use a coaster on (learn how here).

29. Beer drinkers aren’t the only ones who can turn their imbibing habits into decor: here’s an option for wine lovers.

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Read more: http://www.buzzfeed.com/mallorymcinnis/collections

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