‘…BEGGING’: Increasingly desperate emails from DCCC are hilarious


Fundraising emails from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee have become so desperate-sounding that even Josh Marshall, editor of the liberal Talking Points Memo, has called the DCCC “your new borderline personality boyfriend/girlfriend.”

The email that caught Marshall’s attention was headed, “We’re done. Go home. Give up,” which follows pleas like, “I need you,” “please don’t say no,” “disappointed,” “All Hope Is Lost,” and “ACCEPT DEFEAT.” Today’s entry: “begging…BEGGING.”

Subject line of latest DCCC fundraising email: "begging…BEGGING." Come on DCCC, pull yourself together!

— jennifer bendery (@jbendery) September 29, 2014

Dear @NancyPelosi @DSCC @dccc et al. Really? How much begging must you do?

— laura vecsey (@lauravecsey) September 29, 2014

Given obnoxious number & ridiculous tone of @dccc's emails begging for money, if I'd ever have given them any, I'd be asking for it back!

— Brad Friedman (@TheBradBlog) September 28, 2014

My dog doesn't get rewarded for begging, and neither will the DCCC pic.twitter.com/iqAGinaBUZ

— Melissa Jamrock (@jamrockstar) September 29, 2014

Maybe this approach isn’t working.

@dccc URGENT! I'm BEGGING you to stop emailing me. I've tried everything to unsubscribe.

— Jessica Olien (@jessicaolien) September 28, 2014

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