Aloha! Obama hits the gym in Hawaii; Press corps hits Starbucks!/michellemalkin/status/283991751893585921

As Twitchy reported yesterday, the press pool is taking in the Hawaiian scenery as President Obama kicks back on his $4 million dollar island vacation.

Vacation continues… RT @michellemalkin: Aloha! RT @mkraju: Obama is at the gym at the Marine Corps Base in Hawaii, pool report says

— Brian J. Umholtz (@BJUmholtz) December 26, 2012

Later today, it’s back to the White House.

POTUS will depart Hawaii for Washington at 10pm local Wednesday. The first lady and daughters will stay behind.

— Mike Memoli (@mikememoli) December 26, 2012

But before the president catches his flight, he’s got some heavy lifting to do. No, silly! Not on the pesky fiscal cliff stuff. At the gym!

OK, “heavy lifting” might be pushing it. Meanwhile, with no Obama-watching to do, the press pool hit Starbucks. Nice work if you can get it.

Morning pooling…

— Mike Memoli (@mikememoli) December 26, 2012

Any fiscal cliff messages scrawled on that Starbucks cup or is that only in D.C.?

As Obama hits the gym, per pooler @mikememoli: “Pool stopped at Starbucks, where my coffee cup is free of fiscal cliff-related messaging.”

— Zeke Miller (@ZekeJMiller) December 26, 2012

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