Backlash against NYC marathon shifts to runners!/DetBunk/status/264353365142667264

Anger is rising over Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s decision to proceed with the New York City marathon in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Now, some residents are aiming their ire toward the runners who participate in the race:

some of them runners getting beat up in BK, watch.

— 1/3 of Charles’ (@The3rdCharles) November 2, 2012

A marathon solution that works for everyone: New Yorkers line the streets to boo and throw garbage at the runners.

— Matt Ufford (@mattufford) November 2, 2012

I’d trip the runners running in the marathon but the path train isn’t working.

— millette dela cruz (@milletterenee) November 2, 2012

Anyone who is pissed about the marathon taking place Sunday should go there and boo the runners.

— Greg Hirshorn (@Gregsies) November 2, 2012

Hope that all the marathon generators explode and kill some marathon runners.…

— Doctor Boris (@Doctor_Boris) November 2, 2012

I can’t wait to watch cold, powerless New Yorkers boo marathon runners. #shutitdown

— Call Me Delishmael (@brian_carle) November 2, 2012

Who wants to come with me to trip runners at the #NYCMarathon ? #FuckTheMarathon #BloombergSucks

— BianaLisa (@maneaterrrrr) November 2, 2012

#NYCMarathoners better run really fast this yr cuz it seems like NYer’s might be planning to chase you down & kill you.

— Rachele Lynn (@RacheleLynn6) November 2, 2012

Why not just line up and BOO every runner in the NYC Marathon?And yes, you can blame the runners.Without them, you have no marathon.

— Tooth Fairy Denier (@FunkynFortunate) November 2, 2012

who wants to go trip marathon runners

— Michael McCarthy (@mikemcc21) November 2, 2012

I really hope all the people without power are out on the streets to Boo runners the entire day.

— robradabaugh (@robradabaugh) November 2, 2012

I hope the marathon runners trip on a live wire

— LSleezy(@L_Forsyth) November 2, 2012

#NYCMarathon runners need to stay home on Sunday. If u do run, hope u trip and wait days for help #Sandy

— UnderEmpAmerican (@UnderempAmerica) November 1, 2012

I’m ready to trip some of these runners… #annoying

— Candice Blackburn (@CandiceLen) November 2, 2012

Seen a few comments that makes me think the runners will be booed running #NCYM

— mark matthews (@matthews_mark) November 1, 2012

@beebea Can someone explain why people are threatening to throw things at the runners?

— Melissa Bernardo (@mrbplus) November 2, 2012

Just read that there’s a radio campaign to trip marathon runners. Guys, just don’t run in this thing.

— MelissaH (@MelissaH128) November 2, 2012

Worrisome: threats to @ingnycmarathon runners that I’m reading on Facebook; calls to trip marathoners or throw things at them on Sunday

— Nicole Lyn Pesce (@PesceNic) November 2, 2012

Mark my words: marathon runners are going to get booed, people are going to throw shit at them, and NYers are going to disrupt the race.

— MarcusG (@widestance) November 2, 2012

We’re sure many of these are empty threats. Nonetheless, this is worrisome. Runners, stay alert.

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