Bieber fans buzzing about ‘Lolly,’ wonder how dirty it will be!/JustinNipples/status/298194074450677761

Justin Bieber will be featured on the track “Lolly” with Maejor Ali and Juicy J, out February 4th!…

— Justin Bieber Fans (@JustinSociety) February 3, 2013

Justin Bieber is featured in a new song, “Lolly,” that will be released tomorrow. Naturally, it’s a trending topic on Twitter:

Lolly is trending. I’m almost peeing my pants in excitement.. OMG I AM SO EXCITED.

— Farwa♥ (@EmuFarwa) February 3, 2013

Omg,my timeline is just filling up with tweets about lolly and its trending already #Lolly

— Emily Robertson (@emilybeadles121) February 3, 2013

Looks like “Lolly” will be a bit racier than previous Bieber hits such as “Mistletoe” and “Baby.”

“Lolly by Juicy J ft. Justin Bieber will be released tomorrow.” we all know this song isn’t going to be some innocent thing i can’t wait omg

— elina (@bieberlighters) February 3, 2013

between the song being called lolly & the pic with the girl having the lollipop half way in her mouth like that, it cannot not be dirty lol.

— メοメο (@Loyal_Belieber) February 3, 2013

I bet in the lolly song Justin is gonna sound all dirty and black lol.

— justin’s belieber. (@BieberCaptain) February 3, 2013

I’m going to laugh my little head of if “lolly” isn’t even dirty or sexual at all considering its what we all are expecting lmfao !

— ♡ (@ImRightHeree) February 3, 2013

parental advisory, the song is called lolly with a picture of a lips & tongue licking a lollipop i PRAY this is a sexual swearing song

— TΘ$Δ (@stratfordslyric) February 3, 2013

“I hope Lolly is clean” *blinks* *looks at parental advisory sticker* *giggles*

— sosa (@justinsvibes) February 3, 2013

okay so lolly has parental advisory , this song is going to be amazingg

— nothing like us* (@cRAZYaBOUTyOUxo) February 3, 2013

The fact that lolly has parental advisory just makes it so much better

— FOLLOW ME JUSTIN (@alexisbelieber6) February 3, 2013

Make that a lot racier:

if u just realized lolly is about oral sex u really ARE slow

— ♡ mel ♡ (@stratfordick) February 3, 2013

how is lolly not about oral sex i mean the girl’s licking a lollipop in the picture and WHY WOULD U WRITE A SONG ABOUT GENERAL LOLLIPOPS?

— ♡ mel ♡ (@stratfordick) February 3, 2013

lolly means money and or oral sex do you honestly, TRULY think juicy J would be rapping about a got damn LOLLIPOP

— Kyana (@rainfauhl) February 3, 2013

No Lolly is about lollipops -_- YES ITS ABOUT ORAL SEX.

— rhandi (@1LessLonelyBob) February 3, 2013

I think i have an idea what lolly’s gonna be about……

— He’s perfection ∞ (@abbyluvs_bieber) February 3, 2013

Charming. After this, the filth spewed out by the pop music industry no longer surprises us.

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