Bret Baier’s 6-year-old son ‘recovering super fast’ from open-heart surgery [pics]!/BretBaier/status/381022042587664384

Fox News anchor Bret Baier tweeted fantastic news about his son: 6-year-old Paul is on the mend from his third open-heart surgery and may be released from the ICU today.!/BretBaier/status/380873841087897600

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Prayers, support and, of course, “COWABUNGAs” continue to pour in:!/fatherjonathan/status/381022465709051904!/JaredHalpern/status/381023901029257216!/mkhammer/status/381025110742020096!/HeyTammyBruce/status/380925940169056257!/vbspurs/status/381024824141053952

More good news: Baier is hopeful it will be at least 10 years until Paul has to undergo another surgery.!/BretBaier/status/380876646154506240

[Update] More from Baier:!/BretBaier/status/381043405385920512

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