Cleveland police hail Amanda Berry as ‘the real hero,’ say child found with missing women is her daughter!/CLEPolice/status/331762802924593152

Three women who vanished more than a decade ago were freed on Monday. At a press conference Tuesday morning, Cleveland deputy police chief Ed Tomba credited one of them, Amanda Berry, as a “real hero.” Berry escaped the home where she had been held since age 16 with Michele Knight and Gina DeJesus and contacted 911 with the help of “dead giveaway guy” Charles Ramsey.

#breaking #Cleveland Police Chief: “The real hero here is Amanda.She is the real hero.” #survivors

— David Muir (@DavidMuir) May 7, 2013

#amandaberry Chief McGrath hails brave actionsFBI -The nightmare is over””Ultimate definition of survival and perseverance”

— martha maccallum (@marthamaccallum) May 7, 2013

FBI on kidnapped girls discovery: “yes, law enforcement professionals do cry.” Promises FBI assistance.

— Molly Bloom (@M_Bloom) May 7, 2013

Police: “Amanda’s the one … when she came out of that house, that started it all.”

— Bill Hemmer (@BillHemmer) May 7, 2013

CPD: Michele and Gina came out of the house after Amanda broke out. Police did not have to go in the house, which is a crime scene

— Betsy Kling – WKYC (@BetsyKling) May 7, 2013

CPD: Amanda Berry broke out the lower part of the door, was a screen door

— Betsy Kling – WKYC (@BetsyKling) May 7, 2013

Police plan to charge three men, Ariel Castro, Pedro Castro and Oneil Castro, in connection with the kidnapping.

Amanda pointed police to the three brothers. Police are relying on the women to provide details but giving them time and space.

— Rachel Dissell (@RachelDissell) May 7, 2013

Police believe that the 6-year-old child found with the women, born while they were missing, is Berry’s daughter.

Tomba confirmed the child in the home belonged to Amanda Berry but didn’t know yet who the father was. They will question Amanda further

— Rachel Dissell (@RachelDissell) May 7, 2013

The circumstances of her birth have not been revealed to the public.

Cleveland police confirm that 6-year-old girl is Amanda Berry’s daughter. Unclear who the father is.

— Jim Roberts (@nycjim) May 7, 2013

Police say the emotional well-being of the rescued women will be paramount as the investigation proceeds.

CPD McGrath: Most important are the victims. Sensitivity to them, their well being. Be patient with us as we proceed over days,weeks, month

— Betsy Kling – WKYC (@BetsyKling) May 7, 2013


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