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The Haitian phone company with cronies in the Clinton administration comes up again, because of a trial in Miami,
The Looting of Haiti Teleco [WSJ, behind subscriber wall]

A federal bribery case in Miami may shed light on how a well-connected U.S. firm operated during the Aristide years.

[F]or Americans there may be another even more important reason to pay attention: It is possible that by getting to the bottom of how Haiti Teleco operated during the Aristide years, investigators will finally uncover the details of the arrangement that Fusion Telecommunications—run by former Democratic Party Finance Chairman Marvin Rosen with Joseph P. Kennedy II and numerous influential Democrats on the board—had in Haiti during the Clinton years. That would be edifying, given how Bill Clinton inexplicably tolerated Mr. Aristide’s despotism even after the U.S. had restored him to power in 1994.

Mary O’Grady has been following this story for nearly a decade.

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