Community Post: 20 Reasons You Should Never Visit Maryland

It’s literally the worst.

1. Some say that Maryland is pretty.

2. But, as you can see, there’s nothing pretty about it.

3. Seriously, you should definitely stay away from Maryland.

4. There’s absolutely nothing to do in the entire state. Literally nothing.

5. And nature in Maryland is underwhelming, at best.

6. The food? Ugh. Terrible.

7. And the flag? Horrendous, generic, and dull.

8. Marylanders have no pride in their sports teams.

9. There isn’t a single cool building in the entire state.

10. And the wildlife totally sucks.

11. The official state sport is lame and absolutely no fun.

12. Nothing important has ever happened in Maryland in history.

13. Literally nothing.

14. Healthcare in the state sucks big time.

15. Don’t consider Maryland if you want a good education, either.

16. Looking for a place to vacation? Not it.

17. Tbh, Maryland just sucks.

18. The entire state is just a waste.

19. So definitely avoid Maryland.

20. You’re probably too good for Maryland anyway.

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