Dems position Paycheck Fairness Act as raise, ignore White House disparity

With both the president and vice president kicking their high-profile gun control pushes into overdrive this week, today was probably not the day to add another liberal cause to the mix. Still, in case you missed it, it was #EqualPayDay, and Democrats united to again promote the Paycheck Fairness Act. Never mind that the numbers have been debunked; Democrats took a cue from the Obama campaign and positioned the act as a raise for all working women. What will you buy with all that money when we magically “nix” the pay gap through legislation?

#WA #women: What would you do with the extra $12k if the #wagegap was closed? #talkpay #equalpayday

— Senator Patty Murray (@PattyMurray) April 9, 2013

#Wagegap in #WA: 7 more months of mortgage & utility payments. #equalpayday #talkpay

— Senator Patty Murray (@PattyMurray) April 9, 2013

The yearly pay gap between a man and a woman adds up to $11,084. That is 89 more weeks of food. #equalpayday

— Nancy Pelosi (@NancyPelosi) April 9, 2013

Equal pay: A no-brainer for families, a no-can-do for Republicans. Tell @GOP what $11,084 more a year would mean for you. #TalkPay

— Nancy Pelosi (@NancyPelosi) April 9, 2013

Eliminating wage gap in MD means 69 more weeks of food & 2,173 gallons of gas! #TalkPay

— Barbara Mikulski (@SenatorBarb) April 9, 2013

50K+ #RI households are headed by women. Fixing the wage gap could mean 4 months of mortgage & utility payments for these families. #TalkPay

— Sheldon Whitehouse (@SenWhitehouse) April 9, 2013

If wage gap were nixed, women in #NM would have $ for 7+ months of mortgage payments & 2k+ gallons of gas #EqualPayDay

— Tom Udall (@SenatorTomUdall) April 9, 2013

But think of all the global warming we’ve prevented by not burning all that gasoline! MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell was on hand to report objectively on the effort.

Tdy is Equal Pay Day, marking how far into the new yr a woman has 2 work 2make $ = to a man made Jan-Dec last yr:

— Andrea Mitchell (@mitchellreports) April 9, 2013

U should do story on how Men make 23% more then women in obama administartion… Of course U wont since u Luv him @mitchellreports

— Jersey Shore Rises (@bohratom) April 9, 2013

That’s right, what about that wage gap in Congress and the White House? Have they fixed that yet?

Obama Proclaims ‘Equal Pay Day’ — But White House Pays Men 13% More Than Women

— (@cnsnews) April 9, 2013

@NancyPelosi I hear we should start with the White House. Aren't they paying female staffers less than male staffers?

— jennywalker (@jennywalker) April 9, 2013

@NancyPelosi Why are women in the WH paid less than the men? #GOP #TCOT #TLOT #TGDN

— Nouvelle (@NouvelleNom) April 9, 2013

@NancyPelosi Kinda like the Administration women staff who get paid equally with their male counterpar- wait, what? #Hypocrisy #tcot #p2

— Torrey M. Spears (@torreymspears) April 9, 2013

#EqualPayDay? LMFAO. Yeah, I'll think about "Equal Pay Day" when women get paid the same as men in the @barackobama White House.

— Harry (@Tark31) April 9, 2013

@whitehouse then why does the women on Obama's staff get paid 18% less than the men? #StartsWithHim #tcot

— Tyler Dyer (@TylerDyer2) April 9, 2013

@BarackObama: @whitehouse is the worst offender of unequal pay for women. #EqualPayDay @GOP @TheTeaParty_net @TheDemocrats

— Steven Ackerman (@UnRepConsrvtive) April 9, 2013

Q: Why does Barack Obama pay women in the White House less than men? A: He's Barack Obama. #WarOnWomen #EqualPayDay

— RufusKings1776 (@RufusKings1776) April 9, 2013

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