Devon Still raising spirits of cancer patients and survivors [pics]


Twitchy has been reporting on Devon Still of the Cincinnati Bengals and his daughter’s fight against cancer.

Patriots pay tribute to Bengals’ Devon Still and daughter fighting cancer [pics, Vine]

NFL: Bengals re-sign Devon Still to help pay for his daughter’s cancer treatment

Still has taken advantage of his football notoriety in order to rally cancer patients and survivors. A community is rising around him and he has been sharing the tweets people send him.

On his Instagram account Still explained why he has been so open about his family’s struggle.

Yesterday I was asked during an interview, “Why do I open myself to the media to discuss what has to be an emotional and uncomfortable subject?” My response was that some of the country’s greatest advocates, such as MLK, had to put themselves in uncomfortable positions in order to fight for a cause that would benefit so many. Today, at Bengal Stripes a lady approached me and hugged me tight and told me in my ear that after hearing one of my interviews in May she decided to take her daughter, who wasn’t feeling well, to the doctor and she found out that she had cancer. As she cried on my shoulder all I could keep telling her was to stay strong and our daughters are going to come out on top. That moment right there let me know that everything I’m doing to raise awareness, no matter how hard it may be, is all worth it. #BeatCancer #PrayForLeah and every person fighting this battle!

@Dev_Still71 You are doing a wonderful thing…Bless you! #PrayForLeah

— nananesbitt (@nananesbitt) October 8, 2014

Thank you @dev_still71 for sign my daughter Madison's picture and t-shirt. Madison has been battling…

— Bethany Owens (@bsowens03) October 8, 2014

@Dev_Still71 we don't get to choose our fights but we can choose how we fight. She fights with remarkable courage & grace

— Jason Dewes (@IN_duckhunter) October 8, 2014

Devon Still hugs Jamie Scoglietta, who's daughter also has cancer. #StillStrong @Dev_Still71 @Enquirer

— Cara Owsley (@caraphoto23) October 8, 2014

It's crazy the bond you feel with someone when your fighting the same battle regardless if you are…

— Devon Still (@Dev_Still71) October 8, 2014

Still writes:

It’s crazy the bond you feel with someone when your fighting the same battle regardless if you are complete strangers…the lady I spoke about in my last post.

@Dev_Still71 I beat stage 4 neuroblastoma and I know Leah can too! Thank you for being a voice for kids with cancer!

— Danielle A Cloakey (@mydandysunshine) October 8, 2014

@Dev_Still71 because we all know how important it's is. We need a cure!

— Mike Rosploch (@rozz4545) October 8, 2014

I know it's not easy, but you touched a lot of ppl today/everyday #StillStrong @Dev_Still71

— David Owens (@dowens34) October 8, 2014

@Dev_Still71 I am a stage 4 childhood cancer survivor!! Stay strong & keep smiling & this shall pass! #LeahStrong

— marissaierna (@MarissaIerna) October 8, 2014

@Dev_Still71 stage 3 nb survivor – stay strong #PrayForLeah

— scott cipura (@scottcipura) October 8, 2014

@Dev_Still71 Thank you for taking a picture with my brother and sister and also being an inspiration for my family

— Damien Scoglietti (@Grizzly_Muthaf) October 8, 2014

It’s great to see some uplifting news come out of the NFL.

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