During A TV Interview, This Killer Learned The Body Of His Victim Had Been Found

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In 2011, Stephen McDaniel committed the brutal murder of his law school classmate Lauren Giddings. The two had come to know each other casually in one of their classes. That’s when McDaniel became obsessed with her. They both happened to live in the same apartment complex, and on the night before Giddings was supposed to move back home, McDaniel made his move. He broke into her apartment and murdered her.

To cover his tracks, he dismembered the body and placed body parts in various dumpsters on the Mercer University campus. McDaniel thought that he had done a good job hiding the corpse. Police, however, found the body parts fairly quickly. McDaniel learned this while giving an interview about the missing Giddings girl for a local television station. Can you pick out the moment when he knows he’s been caught?

(via The Telegraph)

In 2014, with evidence mounting against him, McDaniel confessed to the murder in extreme detail. He is currently serving a life sentence for his heinous crime.

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