Even If Art Isn’t Your Thing, You Have To See What He Just Did At The Louvre

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We all have that one friend who groans at the thought of doing anything that could be considered a cultural experience. In fact, you might even be that friend. For these people, waiting in long lines at art museums to watch people stare (for way, way too long) at splattered canvases and paintings of naked cherubs seems like the polar opposite of a good time.

But anything can turn into an awesome experience if you have a sense of humor about it. Just ask this guy. BoredPanda user Mr. Angry decided to visit the Louvre one day (albeit begrudgingly) so he could pop some fun captions on a few of the paintings. Art snobs might be offended by the stunt, but I feel like that’s probably the point. And it’s awesome.

“Yaaaaaaaaaas, queen!”

He can’t even. He is completely unable to even.

How to not impress the ladies even a little bit.

If you’d just move out, she wouldn’t have to bother you. You’re 30. It’s time.

Preach it, brother.

Do you even lift? (Hint: no.)

Not into it.

When the weird guy at the party plays “Wonderwall” for the thirtieth time in a row and you realize that bad things happen to good people.

(via BoredPanda)

If having fun in the world’s most famous art museum is wrong, then I don’t want to be right. (But if you don’t feel like getting scowled at, maybe don’t read French painting descriptions with a Southern accent. I might have learned that the hard way? Just kidding. I definitely did.)

Anyway, keep getting down with your bad self, Mr. Angry. We feel you.

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