Forget SpaghettiOs: Here’s a much better use of social media on #PearlHarbor72

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As Twitchy reported, SpaghettiOs’ Pearl Harbor tweet is getting a lot of attention today. While some thanked SpaghettiOs for at least remembering Pearl Harbor, others bristled at the image of the grinning SpaghettiOs mascot sticking out its Miley-tongue in remembrance.

Twitter user Allan Bourdius offers a better use of social media on the day we remember those who lost their lives on December 7, 1941.!/allanbourdius/status/409324094711422976

The @USSArizona Twitter account’s mission is “honoring the officers and men of BB-39.” A selection of recent tweets:!/USSArizona/status/409038381515943936!/USSArizona/status/409043129145114624!/USSArizona/status/409321399367385089!/USSArizona/status/409336815502782464

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