Gigglesnort: Obama calls Biden ‘warm,’ ‘generous,’ ‘unbelievably smart’ on Leno!/rollingingraves/status/261329817029468160

No, no. Seriously. He really said that. See for yourself (starts around the 4:50 mark and continues here).

“He wears his heart on his sleeve. He’s the most warm, generous person I know.” ~ Obama, about Joe Biden, on Leno

— Nina L. Diamond (@ninatypewriter) October 25, 2012

President Obama clearly needs to get out more.

Obama tells Leno that “Biden wears his heart on his sleeve and…is fearless and I could not have a better vice president.”

— Roger Simon (@politicoroger) October 25, 2012

Call us crazy, but based on what we’ve witnessed over the last four years, a clump of dryer lint would make a better vice president than Joe Biden.

Twitterers couldn’t help but be amazed that President Obama managed to lavish such praise on Biden while keeping a straight face:

@michellemalkinObama just called Biden generous on the Tonight Show? Any stats on his charitable donations?

— Rev JJ Lewis (@RevJJLewis) October 25, 2012

Obama said on the Tonight show Joe Biden was the most generous person he knew, Joe gave $0.02% of his salary to charity.Hardly generous.

— Van Villines (@MVanVillines) October 25, 2012

LOL RT @missadelgado: OBAMA ON LENO: “Joe Biden is incredibly smart.”

— RB (@RBPundit) October 25, 2012

Obama on Leno just said Biden is “incredibly smart”. OK that stmt alone DQ’s him for a 2nd term.

— Peter G Karas (@PeterGKaras) October 25, 2012


Obama just said Biden is very smart… He’s a better liar than I thought!

— Mitch Rave (@FoxRiderRave) October 25, 2012

BWWAAAAAHAAAA !!!!RT @rbpundit: LOL RT @missadelgado: OBAMA ON LENO: “Joe Biden is incredibly smart.”

— NoBama (@mrlarry24) October 25, 2012

Like, as a savant? RT “@missadelgado: OBAMA ON LENO: “Joe Biden is incredibly smart.””

— RedOregonCTU (@RedOregonCTU) October 25, 2012

Indeed. Biden’s intelligence must be buried so deeply that even he can’t tap it.

Obama on with Jay Leno is like two brothers having a chat about NOTHING !

— Eric Johnson (@GOPDux) October 25, 2012

“He can count to five, knows his alphabet. Mostly.” RT @rbpundit: LOL RT @missadelgado: OBAMA ON LENO: “Joe Biden is incredibly smart.”

— Phineas Fahrquar (@irishspy) October 25, 2012

You know, when we think about it, now that President Obama’s confessed to Leno that he has his own issues putting two and two together, perhaps Uncle Joe’s the perfect VP for him after all.

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