Groan: When Meggie met Fluke-y!/JennyErikson/status/196482874814365696

Like OMG. Wonder Twin powers, activate!

Sparks flew between GOP embarrassment Meghan McCain and Democratic embarassment Sandra Fluke at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner on Saturday night.

Now, they’re Twitter besties:

.@McCainBlogette thanx 4 support/advice re: public attacks! We girls have 2 have each others' backs despite polit diffs. #MSNBCafterparty

— Sandra Fluke (@SandraFluke) April 29, 2012

Everyone calm down. I'm a proud pro-life republican but standing up to publicly being called a slut is brave. I've been through it.

— Meghan McCain (@MeghanMcCain) April 29, 2012

@SandraFluke There's like ten women on the planet that know what being in the middle of a political media firestorm feels like. Any time!

— Meghan McCain (@MeghanMcCain) April 29, 2012

@SandraFluke Our twitpic has caused a "right wing meltdown". Who knew women supporting each other was so controversial?

— Meghan McCain (@MeghanMcCain) April 30, 2012

Conservatives on Twitter needed air sickness bags:

Dear Megan McCain, I meet young conservatives every day NONE of them call Sandra Fluke brave. NONE. You are not a spokesperson 4 them. #tcot

— Harry Larris (@HarryLarris) April 29, 2012

Why conservatives think Meghan McCain's an airhead: “@McCainBlogette: My fav meeting of the night, the very brave and badass Sandra Fluke!”

— Stephen M. Hines (@smhineslaw) April 29, 2012

@keder @iowahawkblog Are you watching the sister act btw Meghan McCain and Sandra Fluke? "We girls" is a falsehood.

— Leah Christie (@LeahMChristie) April 29, 2012

I'm not sure I want to live in a world where Tommy Christopher praises MeggieMac and Fluke is a brave badass. Someone #KillMe. With fire.

— Heather (@hboulware) April 29, 2012

2 no 1's surprise, dingbat RINO MeggieMac tweets she thinks Sandra Fluke is "brave". Is it possible 4 GOP 2 excommunicate ppl? Please? #tcot

— KJack (@DrKC4) April 29, 2012

Maybe they’ll “write” a book together…

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