He Was Walking His Dog In The Woods When He Came Across This Plane Crash

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If you’ve walked a dog before, you know it’s not uncommon for pooches to find little “treasures” along the way. Whether it’s a fresh poop or a Diet Coke can begging to be peed on, they’re always on the lookout for something exciting.

But when Redditor mmmmpork was out with his pups, the three of them found something rather unusual — an ultralight plane along with a parachute…

Redditor mmmmpork says he was taking his dogs to walk by a pond in Fryeburg, Maine, when he noticed something bright green in the bushes.

The dogs were just as baffled.

It turned out to be an ultralight plane, a one-person aircraft designed for short distances.

He immediately called the police. Apparently, the crash happened the day before and the police were already aware of it.

After the engine of his plane failed while flying out of an airport in Albany, New Hampshire, the 56-year-old pilot deployed his parachute and landed on solid ground unharmed.

The Redditor had apparently just taken a wilderness first aid class, but was happy to not have to use his new skills.

Here’s an interesting factoid: the United States doesn’t require registration or pilot licenses for ultralight operation…so we could all technically be flying around in these! Although, after seeing what happened to this plane, I’m not sure I’d want to.

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