Ironic ad spotted before FLOTUS’ cameo in Funny or Die anti-junk food video

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The Funny or Die people like to help the Obama administration push their agendas. This time, Michelle Obama has a cameo appearance in a “Funny or Die” video that helps promote “Let’s Move” by depicting a snackpocalyptic future:!/funnyordie/status/507194323704610816!/dcexaminer/status/507190532347404288!/DavidRutz/status/507182142863200256

The funniest part of the video might have been an ad spotted running just before it:!/SteveKrak/status/507190118512226305

Hey, Funny or Die probably couldn’t pay the bills with ads selling just carrots and arugula.

At least the video left us with a terrific Vine that could be the best summary of this administration’s foreign policy ever:!/charliespiering/status/507162630671196160

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