It’s A Good Thing A Bus Driver Noticed This Because My Heart Needed A Good Warming Today.

One morning, this girl’s mother and bus driver noticed that a small female duck was acting rather strangely. She spotted her in a parking lot, walking in circles, visibly distraught. Worried the duck might be sick, the woman approached her… only to realize this duck was also a mother. The momma duck was trying to flag down help from some humans. Her babies were stuck!

The little girl was panicked, not knowing how to get her babies to safety.

The ducklings were stuck inside of a drain too deep to climb out of.

So, the bus driver found a city worker and called him over to help her rescue the little fuzzy ducklings.

Once they were free, she got back in the bus and slowly ushered them over to a nearby park.

There, they made it under a fence to where they were safe and sound!

Sometimes, moms know just what to do, even if they aren’t of the same species.


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