John Kerry emphasizes Syria strike is not war ‘in the classic sense’!/jimantle/status/375013650265698304

Secretary of State John Kerry’s loss of patience with Sen. Rand Paul at this afternoon’s hearing on Syria was obvious to anyone watching or listening. Paul, who opposes military intervention, asked for Kerry’s reassurance that a vote from Congress would be taken seriously by the Obama administration. Suppose that Congress votes against the president’s plan?!/eliselabottcnn/status/375011232165539840!/markknoller/status/375007217465831424!/EliLake/status/375011476576432128!/eliselabottcnn/status/375011641139527680

Rand Paul does have a point. However, Syrian lives aren’t the only thing on the line; the president’s ego is at risk, too.!/freddoso/status/375011207671218176!/CharlieKayeCBS/status/375012062126018560

Not only is Kerry certain that the president will receive authorization from Congress; he gave Paul his guarantee that Assad would use chemical weapons again if not stopped by the United States. “It’s too dire” a scenario to contemplate.!/robertcaruso/status/375012955878080513!/AnupKaphle/status/375013078292639744!/grammy620/status/375013384824975360

Kerry reminded Paul that he and others at the hearing had been to war, and that whatever the administration was planning, it wasn’t war “in the classic sense.”!/RubinReport/status/375013733313310720!/bfinstock/status/375014016449777664

No, he really did.!/1Dimitri/status/375013389984362497!/wyodime/status/375016758488227840!/ZephyrK9/status/375013211927367680

If it’s not war in the classic sense, what is it?!/BecketAdams/status/375013889001287680!/jimgeraghty/status/375014407090470912

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