Karen Lewis considering run against ‘Murder Mayor’ Rahm Emanuel

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This should be very interesting, and very ugly, if it comes to pass.

Union president @KarenLewisCTU "seriously considering" running against Chicago Mayor Emanuel: http://t.co/1UgR76T1en pic.twitter.com/PESgHvWbxO

— msnbc (@msnbc) September 21, 2014

Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis last spring declared Rahm Emanuel the “Murder Mayor” and accused him of “murdering public services” and “murdering our ability to maintain public sector jobs.” She also oversaw a vigil for the children “killed” by the mayor and the school board.

WIll Karen Lewis drag Chicago back to the dark ages? http://t.co/fNepKFTqco pic.twitter.com/M36V4xya3C

— Rare (@Rare) September 19, 2014

Rare reports:

Lewis, likely lured by the American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten’s offer to donate $1 million of the union’s rank-and-file money to such a challenge, launched an exploratory committee to consider a run.

Her claims of being a progressive champion are belied by her own status as a member of Chicago’s political and economic elite. Besides pulling down $220,083 last year – or more than Emanuel’s annual salary of $204,726 – the Dartmouth grad owns a swank condo in Kenwood, a neighborhood that was also home to Obama before he became president, along with vacation homes in Hawaii and Union Peer, Mich.

@msnbc @KarenLewisCTU …and give up her $200,000 plus a year ( and 3 homes)???

— bsudah (@bsudah) September 21, 2014

@msnbc @KarenLewisCTU Will she Unionize students in Elementary schools?

— ted scott (@tedscott4) September 21, 2014

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