Kris Jenner death rumor spreads!/KhloeObsession/status/235200246936911872

Kris Jenner certain seemed well enough from her last — that is, her most recent — tweet this evening. If these were her last words, she certainly was a positive person.

have a great day!

— Kris & Kardashian (@KrissJenner) August 13, 2012

No, she’s not dead.

RIP Kris Jenner? This is fake, Twitter is known for killing people!

— Kardashian Global (@DASHGlobal) August 14, 2012

Sad how RIP Kris Jenner is trending when she isn't dead. She is someone's mother, sister, and friend, you know. Let's have some feelings.

— Abraham Lim (@realabrahamlim) August 14, 2012

Jenner was photographed last month at ABC Caskets Factory in Los Angeles, but she’s not with the angels yet.

Is RIP Kris Jenner trending because she tried out caskets

— Dana Blake (@danablakex) August 14, 2012

RIP Kris Jenner is FAKE… if she really Died, NO ONE would Tweet about it!

— Rucka Rucka Ali (@RuckaRuckaAli) August 14, 2012

Be sure to tune in to “Keeping up with the Kardashians” next Sunday. Jenner wants to pre-plan her own funeral. What a crazy coincidence!

RIP Kris Jenner is to promote the funeral episode folks!! it's PROMO, not the real deal. twitter isn't claiming she's dead. all $ & politics

— Funkadelic (@funkadelyk) August 14, 2012

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