Maxine Waters: Sequestration could result in loss of ‘over 170 million jobs’!/JUSTINMAGNESS/status/307211485954854913

In recent days, Democrats have ramped up their mission to strike fear into the hearts of Americans over the chaos that will reign if sequestration takes effect tomorrow. And today, in a last-ditch effort to terrify every last one of us, corruptocrat swamp queen Maxine Waters is pulling out all the stops:

That bad?! MT @melissatweets: Maxine Waters says 170 million people will lose jobs to sequestration. There are around 150 million employed

— El SOOPer!! (@SooperMexican) February 28, 2013

Gosh, it’s worse than we thought!

If Maxine Waters is right about sequester losing 170 million jobs I’m afraid the entire continent could get off balance and tip over.

— Wittorical (@Wittorical) February 28, 2013

Maxine Waters once again shows that the Left struggles with numbers. Maybe the 170 million are those facing O-Care’s Death Panels 1st #tcot

— Bryan Ridenour (@youthpastorbry) February 28, 2013

Waters’ mathematical acrobatics — on par with Joe Biden’s — are causing conservatives to speculate about the squillions of other tragedies that will befall us if a little over 2 percent is cut from the $3.7 trillion budget:

#MaxineWatersStats: One billion American families will lose healthcare from sequester

— El SOOPer!! (@SooperMexican) February 28, 2013

#MaxineWatersStats Eleventy billion people will be without police, fire or rescue due to sequester.

— Kimberly C(@conkc2) February 28, 2013

#MaxineWatersStats The ant population will reach 10 million.

— Imaumbn™ (@Imaumbn) February 28, 2013

#MaxineWatersStats: 63 trillion American children will lose their school lunches

— jgpetruna (@jgpetruna) February 28, 2013

#MaxineWatersStats 5 million teachers will be laid off every single day. #BecauseSequester

— Kimberly C(@conkc2) February 28, 2013

#MaxineWatersStats bundle up – that winter storm will drop temperatures to -390 degrees!#SequestrationFault

— Torrey M. Spears (@torreymspears) February 28, 2013

#MaxineWatersStats Poor children will miss an average of 6.11 meals per day if the #Sequester happens.

— Zach Ward (@UnrealZachWard) February 28, 2013

#MaxineWatersStats 500 hundred million aircraft carriers will not be deployed because of sequester.

— Kimberly C(@conkc2) February 28, 2013

Sequester will effect people in all 57 states……#MaxineWatersStats

— Secret Squirrel (@SecritSqrl) February 28, 2013

What’re we gonna dooooooooooo???

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