NBC’s Sunday night football sermon: Tony Dungy runs interference for Costas


As Twitchy reported yesterday, the tragic drunk driving death of Dallas Cowboys player Jerry Brown had many viewers wondering whether anti-gun zealot Bob Costas would call for prohibition.

Well, Costas brought on social conservative football coach Tony Dungy to deliver social commentary for him. Viewers (mostly) approved:

Bob Costas needed Tony Dungy to bail him out this week. #weeksauce

— Stephen Srein (@StephenSrein) December 10, 2012

Good to see Bob Costas has learned his lesson. Always – Tony Dungy > Jason Whitlock.

— Dusty Sloan (@TheDustySloan) December 10, 2012

Funny how NBC had Tony Dungy talk about NFL players & drinking and driving, and not Bob Costas.#CantTakeBobCostasSerious

— Dan Alvarez (@Wkyhilltopper) December 10, 2012

@jswifty250 Thankfully he let Tony Dungy carry the segment. Talked about how coaches try to get the drinking/driving message through.

— Eric B. (@ericbjediknight) December 10, 2012

Bob Costas deflecting heat by bringing in Tony Dungy. No one can say anything bad about Dungy. That’s like using an invincibility code.

— Greg Dietz (@GregDietz) December 10, 2012

@peytonshead Tony Dungy is a real person w a real face & real experiences really caring abt his family & players.Costas is plastic face hack

— J. Smith Design Ent (@atlantabasement) December 10, 2012

Congratulations to Bob Costas for not making a fool of himself tonight on #SNF. Deferring to Tony Dungy’s wisdom is usually right approach.

— Sarah (@FeinbergS) December 10, 2012

This Sunday night halftime, Bob Costas wisely defers to @tonydungy to deal with an NFL off-the-field tragedy.

— James A. Smith Sr. (@JamesASmithSr) December 10, 2012

So Bob Costas and Tony Dungy are talking to America about drinking and driving on NBC.

— Elias Groll (@EliasGroll) December 10, 2012

The Bob Costas sermon brought to you by Tony Dungy

— Chase Stuart (@fbgchase) December 10, 2012

Oh, so to keep Costas from getting criticized NBC makes the smart decision to use Tony Dungy to deliver the message.

— Greg Sainer (@gsainer) December 10, 2012

How about making this a permanent arrangement?

Bob Costas should pass all social commentary over to Tony Dungy. Still not over Bob’s comments from last week.

— nathan shaver (@nathanshaver) December 10, 2012


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