Nick Mangold playing matchmaker for Tim Tebow and Lolo Jones!/KristianRDyer/status/208243740651950082

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Nick Mangold is a center and his job as an offensive lineman is to take care of his quarterback. He is taking his job a step further than what’s expected as he tries to land Tim Tebow a date with Olympian Lolo Jones.

It all started days ago when a Jones interview with Real Sports on HBO aired. In the interview she said she is a virgin and plans to remain that way until marriage, but that she hasn’t had any luck in finding a man.

Many fans offered help and suggestions with one popular suggestion being the surprisingly-controversial Tebow, who shares the same values.

Jones took to Twitter to respond.

Ask Tebow if he wants a glass of milk. If he says yes, ask him if he prefers chocolate. if he says no, then no more Tebow date suggestions

— Lolo Jones (@lolojones) May 24, 2012

Mangold then stepped in.

. @lolojones I will try to get some anwers and I'll report back. No worries #Lobow

— Nick Mangold (@nickmangold) May 29, 2012

Meeting with the press today, Mangold the matchmaker/spy revealed his answer to the world and directed it right to Jones.

If this actually works, Tebow owes Mangold big time.

Don't like the Jets, but I can dig what Nick Mangold had on his shirt lol

— Doug Schmoney (@dBdaSportsGuru) May 31, 2012

This is fantastic. I mean, what are friends for? RT @janesports: Nick Mangold's Lolo Jones T Shirt #NYJ

— Bonnie Bernstein (@BonnieBernstein) May 31, 2012

Just in case the whole center thing doesn't work out for nick mangold there is always matchmaking

— Jeane Coakley (@JeaneCoakley) May 31, 2012

Nick Mangold's shirt today, further perpetuating, or maybe disproving, Tebow and Lolo Jones hype. #jets

— Conor Orr (@ConorTOrr) May 31, 2012

So, like, Nick Mangold's being creepy as hell right?

— Isaac (@WorldofIsaac) May 31, 2012

@bomani_jones nick mangold has to be the best wingman ever

— Alex (@_AlexG_1) May 31, 2012

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