NPR: Obama scandals ‘catching fire’ because nothing else going on, guys!/NPRinskeep/status/336441449929392129

Oh, lapdog. Bless your precious heart. Spin! Spin like the wind! Wave those Obama pom-poms madly! Inskeep appears to be desperately latching on to this “insight” from Dartmouth assistant professor Brendan Nyhan:!/rhetoricat/status/334640079173730304

Mr. Nyhan’s “research suggests” (he actually said that) that scandals are likely to emerge when a president is unpopular among “opposition party identifiers.” Totally your fault, GOP! He also claims that there is not much else going on in the news. So, you know, the press has to fill space and stuff.


Twitter users try to give Mr. Inskeep and Mr. Nyhan some much-needed doses of reality. NRO’s Jonah Goldberg kicks it off:!/JonahNRO/status/336446347148410882



That’s all “irrelevant,” according to Obama adviser Dan Pfeiffer.!/Bob__Gibbons/status/336448167732203520

Lapdogs? Anyone? Bueller?!/jpodhoretz/status/336446921050820609

There is one benefit to this pathetic narrative attempt, though.!/rubedawg1061/status/336450210932875264

Indeed. Schadenfreud-elicious.

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