Pope sends Easter tweet urging acceptance of ‘risen Jesus;’ haters hate


Because it’s never too early for Pope-bashing and Catholic-bashing from the Twitter Tolerance Mob…

@pontifex um, so, yeah, the whole washing and kissing the feet thing wasn’t creepy at all. #yesitwas

— MrDoodyHead (@MrDoodyHead) March 31, 2013

@pontifex you hate gay marriage but you want me to embrace a dead man? #NecroHomoErotica

— Ol man gong hater (@OlManGongHater) March 31, 2013

@pontifex fuck you

— Stuby (@Stuby_M) March 31, 2013

@pontifex fuck you fag jesus probs likes me better than you

— Chad White (@Garibububububu) March 31, 2013

@pontifex jesus is dead. How do u worship a helpless man on a cross?

— Tony_Stark (@Taahir_Saley) March 31, 2013

@pontifex waiting with imaginary arms!what a lie!

— Rasweu Mofokeng(@khehlazz) March 31, 2013

@pontifex go fuck yourself.

— tom barnes (@tomDAMAGEbarnes) March 31, 2013

Thankfully, the Pope received plenty of love and well wishes to balance out the haters.

Happy easter @pontifex 🙂 may the lord bless you more!

— Mamon Ong-Samonte (@FluffyMamon) March 31, 2013

@pontifex God bless you and keep you in good health…..God bless all in this world with His Love in their hearts

— maggie wiens (@maggiemae7744) March 31, 2013

@pontifex You show the World the true meaning of Christianity. May God bless You <3… I pray for You xxx

— fasOlka (@alexthefunnel) March 31, 2013

@pontifex God bless you and peace to the world.

— Survivor in Seoul (@lovemylifehj) March 31, 2013

@pontifex He has Risen! <><

— Stephen Gillett (@stephengillett) March 31, 2013

God bless, indeed!

@pontifex God Bless

— YHWH (@kecheritomne) March 31, 2013

@pontifex God bless you Pontifex.

— Shannan Taylor (@sn_taylor) March 31, 2013

@pontifexGod Bless you Pope Francis and may God lead you in your wonderful journey.

— Con kal (@conkal1) March 31, 2013

@pontifex Bless you Your Holiness. Happy Easter from Canada. Welcome to Twitter, pls ignore any rudeness. Wish you the best to make reform.

— Dorothea Casaubon (@DoroCasaubon) March 31, 2013


Read more: http://twitchy.com/2013/03/31/pope-francis-sends-easter-tweet-urging-acceptance-of-risen-jesus-anti-catholic-hatefest-starts-early/

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