Sarah Palin as The View co-host? Libs balk, one proposes more ‘insightful’ choice!/waswhaler/status/486144906013192192

Twitter is buzzing over this portion of a Hollywood Reporter interview with Sarah Palin:!/samsteinhp/status/486141548795805696

So, is Palin actually angling for a hosting gig on “The View”? We can’t know for sure until she comes out and says so explicitly. But the speculation is enough to fuel the pre-emptive sniping and insults:!/bubbleMAMI/status/486147568708374528!/zekepdw/status/486142484745961473!/jconsolantis/status/486162362458578945!/randomscreename/status/486160649408753664!/13millionplus/status/486151537303904257!/BradWarthen/status/486150549021392896!/indydee/status/486143237443166208!/thillygirl/status/486147499884019712!/clydetheslyde/status/486161113461948416!/Earnest_One/status/486162448781570049

Yeah, that Sarah Palin sure is a dummy! “The View” ought to stick with more intellectual hosts:!/MoaninMary/status/486144468760805376

Oh, our aching sides!



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